We invest in sustainable growth

We handpick and identify businesses that have a high impact potential, for employability, and society as a whole, in all sectors with a special prioritization to aviation, agribusiness, fintech and new technologies.   

We build strategic partnerships by offering funds, expertise and market knowledge.  

We also invest through providing assistance, study, advice, marketing and financial engineering, accounting and legal, and more, to the companies.

We accompany our partners throughout their life cycles on different aspects of their business. We do not only invest financially in companies but we firmly believe that non-financial support is crucial to their success, viability and sustainability.

We provide tailored assistance to each of our partners, depending on their needs to help them grow, scale up and prosper in time. 

We support our partners

We commit to social impact

We are engaged to create and sustain social impact while adopting a financial inclusion approach.

We have specific criteria in selecting our potential partners that is oriented towards social impact. 

We work on different high impact themes such as employability, education, environment, creative industries, health and agriculture.  

We give funding access to private initiatives after meticulously studying each project with a team of dedicated experts.   

We believe that ESG compliance is a necessary feature for our firm and for our partners. Since we are social impact oriented, we are firmly committed to comply with ESG requirements.

For this matter, we run a Compliance Matrix to meet ESG standards.

We comply with ESG criteria


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